Incorporating sustainability goals within your business can help enhance your corporate brand, improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and promote long-term growth.

There are many different practices your business can implement to become more sustainable.  But how do you go beyond simply reducing, recycling, and buying local? What are other innovative ways to integrate sustainability into your business?

At Energo, we have the vision and innovation to help your business address sustainability and environmental objectives through advanced energy efficient solutions that can help reduce usage, promote renewable energy, and even serve as a source of revenue for your business.

Green Electricity – When compared to non-green or “standard” energy sources, such as fossil fuels (gas, oil and coal), green energy provides a sustainable source of energy and reduces pollution – promoting a cleaner environment. If your business is looking to invest in green energy sources with little to no carbon footprint, Energo can help!

Solar Installations – Solar power helps reduce energy costs, protects you from volatile energy rates, allows you to store excess energy, and helps increase the value of your property. Systems can include roof tops, ground mounts, parking decks, parking canopies, and hybrid systems. Elevate your business’s sustainability and environmental goals with immediate and long-term savings and zero upfront costs – learn more about Solar for your business.

Community Solar – Don’t think you are a candidate for a solar installation? Learn more about a Community Solar subscription.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations – As EV market shares increase, EV Charging Stations are becoming a key investment for business owners. Installing EV Charging Stations helps increase the value of your property, attract more customers, and can also serve as a source of revenue for your business. Showcase your business’s modernization and get ahead of the curve – learn more about installing EV Charging Stations at your business.

Demand Response – Create a new revenue stream for your business while addressing your sustainability goals by participating in Demand Response (DR). Qualifying businesses that participate in Demand Response can be compensated for temporarily reducing energy consumption during peak demand times. Be rewarded for reducing consumption and increasing the reliability of the grid – learn if Demand Response is right for your business.

Geothermal – Go green with low upfront costs and low ongoing cost, using energy from the earth. Learn more about Geothermal heating and cooling solutions.

Bioheat® Fuel – Bioheat® fuel is a clean and biodegradable fuel option for residential and commercial customers who use heating oil. New York State even offers a tax credit for those who purchase a blend of at least 6% biodiesel. What’s in your tank? Learn more about the benefits of this renewable fuel option.

Whether you’re looking to add brand value, increase efficiency or attract new opportunities, integrating sustainable solutions into your business is becoming increasingly important. For more information on how you can integrate sustainable practices within your business  – contact us today.


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