What is Green Energy?

Green energy is energy collected from natural sources such as the sun, wind, water, and geothermal heat. When compared to non-green or “standard” energy sources, such as fossil fuels (gas, oil and coal), green energy provides a sustainable source of energy and reduces pollution – promoting a cleaner environment.

Benefits of Green Energy

There are many benefits of green energy – both economically and environmentally.  It’s good for us and good for the planet!

  • No greenhouse gas emissions – which slows down the effects of global warming
  • Reduces pollution – which improves the quality of our air, water and our overall health
  • Naturally and continuously replenished
  • Boosts economic development

Is Green Energy Reliable?

Green energy sources include wind, geothermal, hydro, and solar energy. Wind and hydro sources generate energy through the movement of air and water, while geothermal and solar sources generate energy through heat.

Grid operators balance the supply of energy from renewable and non-renewable sources to maintain reliability of the system.

 How Does Green Energy Work?

Electricity enters the power grid from a variety of energy sources – both renewable and non-renewable sources.  Because of this, it’s impossible to know exactly where your electricity was produced or whether it was produced by a renewable energy source. This is where Renewable Energy Certificates come in.

When you enroll in a Green Energy plan with Energo, Renewable Energy Certificates (also known as Renewable Energy Credits or RECs) are purchased on your behalf.  By purchasing RECs, you’re getting certified proof that you are supporting green energy and encouraging the generation of more green energy.

Is Green Energy More Expensive?

The green energy price per kWh is a customized price based on the current market and customer load shape. The premium for green energy varies based on current market costs.

When you enroll in a Green Energy plan with Energo, you can lock in a fixed rate for several years to protect against unexpected rate increases. Your Energo Advisor can help you assess your options.

How Does Energo’s Renewable Energy Program Work?

Energo offers plans for up to 100% green electricity, where we ensure the selected percentage of electricity is matched with renewable energy credits (RECs). RECs represent the environmental attributes associated with the applicable amount of renewable energy generation from various renewable sources that comply with the appropriate locational and delivery requirements.

The type of renewable energy content will consist of some eligible combination of renewable resources such as, but not limited to, solar thermal, photovoltaics, on land and offshore wind, hydroelectric, geothermal electric, geothermal ground source heat, tidal energy, wave energy, ocean thermal, and fuel cells that do not utilize a fossil fuel resource in the process of generating electricity, or other qualifying renewable resources as may be recognized by a governmental authority having jurisdiction over the service territory or the services provided.

RECs will be purchased and retired by Energo to satisfy the percentage of renewable generation guaranteed by your agreement.

 How Can I Help Support Green Energy?

Learn more about how to support Green Energy in New York by clicking here, or learn more about supporting Green Energy in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland by clicking here.

Green energy can offer a variety of environmental and economic benefits. Invest in green sustainable energy today for a cleaner greener tomorrow.

On or about January 1st, 2024, Energo’s active electricity accounts will begin to be transferred to Constellation NewEnergy Inc. Learn more & FAQs by clicking the link below. Please note, Energo remains strongly committed to its natural gas, petroleum and mechanical business, and we look forward to continuing to supply all your needs in that regard!