Get Ready for the Local Law 97 Deadline with Energo! Energo

Get Ready for the Local Law 97 Deadline with Energo!



In today’s energy landscape, everything is about efficiency. Everything from HVAC equipment to the fuel used to power it is being updated to limit emissions and help push us toward our goal of a net-zero carbon future. New York City has made strides to limit carbon emissions in the building sector with the passing of Local Laws.

In 2019, New York City enacted Local Law 97 (LL97) to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The law requires buildings over 25,000 square feet to reduce carbon emissions by 40% by the year 2030 and 80% by 2050.

There is a lot to do to ensure compliance before the May 1, 2025, LL 97 deadline. At Energo, we will conduct a 13-point inspection that will help us understand weak energy areas and create cost-effective solutions to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions.


13 Prescriptive Energy Conservation Measures Include:

  1. Adjust temperature set points for heat and hot water to reflect appropriate space occupancy and facility requirements.
  2. Repair all heating system leaks.
  3. Maintain the building’s heating system. Make sure system components are clean and in good operating condition.
  4. Install individual temperature controls or insulate radiator enclosures with temperature controls on all radiators.
  5. Insulate all pipes for heating and/or hot water.
  6. Insulate the steam system condensate tank or water tank.
  7. Install indoor and outdoor heating system sensors and boiler controls to allow for proper set-points.
  8. Replace or repair all steam traps.
  9. Install or upgrade steam system master venting at the ends of mains, large horizontal pipes, and tops of risers, vertical pipes branching off a main.
  10. Upgrade lighting to comply with the standards for new systems set forth in Section 805 of the New York City Energy Conservation Code.
  11. Weatherize and air seal where appropriate, including windows and ductwork, with focus on whole-building insulation.
  12. Install timers on exhaust fans.
  13. Install radiant barriers behind all radiators.


With the deadline for Local Law 97 less than one year away, the time to start preparing your building to meet the emissions requirements is now, and Energo is the company to help you! Our in-house team of compliance and energy experts, along with our mechanical engineers, licensed master plumbers, and fully trained technicians, can provide guidance and complete the necessary work to ensure your building is compliant and avoid penalties.

Contact us for more information about Local Law 97 or to schedule a compliance service.

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