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Much has changed since Energo began delivering heating oil and providing HVAC repairs and installations over 25 years ago. We have seen the rise of renewable liquid heating fuels, new energy-efficient policies, and an energy landscape that has shifted dramatically. While many things have changed over the years, our tireless work and dedication to your energy needs have not.

In a city like New York, you need to be able to keep up with the times or get left behind. That is why we have continued to expand our energy operations to provide full-service solutions for both residential and commercial customers.


Energo is proud to offer our customers:


  1. Reliable Fuel Deliveries: A cornerstone of our business has been the ability to provide reliable fuel deliveries. For over two decades, homeowners, building managers, and countless commercial businesses have relied on Energo for liquid heating fuel deliveries, including heating oil, gasoline, on- and off-road diesel, and today, Bioheat® fuel. Bioheat® fuel is a blend of renewable biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur heating oil that has been helping our customers reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve heating efficiency with every gallon we deliver!


  1. Mechanical Services: We back up our fuel deliveries with fully comprehensive HVAC and mechanical services. At Energo, we maintain a team of highly trained and skilled technicians who perform precise installation and preventative maintenance services on boilers, burners, air conditioners, heat pumps, water heaters, and more. We can help you find the ideal HVAC equipment for your building and budget and maintain the equipment so it can run efficiently and provide seamless comfort.


  1. Compliance and Sustainability Solutions: Energo has never wavered in our commitment to the planet and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We strive to help reduce carbon emissions every day by delivering Bioheat® fuel, installing state-of-the-art energy-efficient HVAC systems, providing carbon accounting and compliance services, and more. In recent years, New York City has implemented Local Laws to reduce carbon emissions in the building sector. Energo can help building owners and managers file benchmarking reports, phase out the use of No. 4 fuel oil, and slash carbon emissions to avoid hefty fines from the State. We offer a range of sustainable solutions so you can achieve compliance and avoid unnecessary fines.


You can always stay in the know with Energo’s Resource Center. Access your Energo account, find easy-to-use guides on how to navigate your customer portal, and stay up to date on the latest energy topics with our monthly blogs.

When it comes to energy services, the only company you need to know is Energo! Contact us today to learn more.

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On May 1st, 2024, Energo Power and Gas, LLC (“Energo”) and Sprague Operating Resources, LLC (“Sprague”) finalized an asset purchase agreement whereby Energo’s natural gas operations will be transitioned over time to Sprague.

This transaction does not affect Energo’s heating oil and mechanical services divisions.

Please review our FAQ page for more information.