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High Heating Oil Prices Explained

There is a chill in the air, and while many are starting to think about heating their homes and properties this winter, some are feeling a bit apprehensive in light of the heating oil prices they’re seeing. Unfortunately, these prices and this volatility isn’t anything new. In fact, we’ve been monitoring the volatility we’ve experienced […]

We Stand Ready to Deliver

At Energo, our experienced team of in-house energy experts continue to monitor the extreme price volatility in the energy markets. As mentioned this past summer, there are a number of factors creating this uncertainty. We recognize the effect this uncertainty has on our customers and their businesses. Therefore, as you prepare for the upcoming heating season, it’s […]

Are You Prepared for the Winter Heating Season?

At Energo, we want you to be prepared for the winter heating season before temperatures begin to drop. Preparing in advance can protect your budget and provide peace of mind. Here are a few helpful steps you can take this fall to ensure you’re prepared for the winter. Fixed and Market Based Pricing With the ongoing uncertainties of energy […]

Why Are Fuel Prices Still Rising?

Back in May, we wrote about the record low diesel inventories and record high prices due to a reduced number of refineries, backwardation, and an increase in worldwide demand for fuel. And here we are one month later. Has anything changed? In mid-May, the price of a regular gallon of gasoline was averaging $4.33 across […]

East Coast Sees Record Low Inventories and Record High Prices

If you’ve driven by a gas station recently, you’ve definitely seen very high prices. The price for a gallon of regular gasoline is averaging $4.33 across the United States, but diesel is averaging over $1 more, at $5.62 per gallon, up nearly 60% since January. In fact, on the East Coast, it isn’t unusual to […]

Time for an Annual Cleaning!

It is time to get your boiler and burner checked by a professional! At Energo, our qualified professionals do just that. For New York City customers, Energo provides a full slate of mechanical services, including boiler and burner tune-ups, installations, and more. If possible, your boiler should be inspected in the spring instead of the […]

Addressing the Volatile Energy Markets

  Petroleum Markets are Unprecedentedly Volatile Oil prices are undergoing unprecedented levels of volatility in light of the Russia – Ukraine war. Diesel, for example, rose 70 cents over the past week, with a 35-cent increase on Wednesday – marking Wednesday as the largest single day increase in diesel history (the previous record of 29 […]