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Time To Go Through Your Pre-Winter Checklist


Winter is around the corner, and Energo wants to make sure you are prepared before the temperatures start to drop. Here are a few things you can check off your list to ensure you are prepared for the winter.  

Tune-up Your Burner/Boiler

Have you had your annual boiler/burner tune-up and inspection? If you didn’t get your boiler serviced this spring or summer, make sure you do it before the winter season begins. Our fully trained technicians are prepared to handle a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential boiler and burner repairs in New York City and Westchester County. If you need emergency service on your equipment, our team of experts operate 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can email service@energo.com, call 888-378-9898 or text 888-719-FUEL (3835).  

View Your Information in the Customer Portal

Energo has a Customer Portal where you can access all your heating oil and service account information online. You can access consumption reports, request a delivery, as well as make payments online for all your accounts. Visit the Customer Portal at https://myaccount.energo.com/.  

Fill Out Your Interruptible Affidavits

Have you recently received a notification from the utility company to complete your Interruptible Affidavit? Energo can help you fill out the proper paperwork. Dual fuel customers in the New York City Metro Area who participate in a utility interruptible or demand response program are required to submit their Interruptible Affidavit by October 1, 2023. The IT Affidavit confirms your alternative fuel/energy source for the upcoming winter season. IT customers are required to submit updated affidavits every three years or after any information changes. Failure to submit new or updated affidavits can results in daily penalties each day the affidavit is overdue ($100/day for customers with usage less than 1,000,000 therms annually and $1,000/day for customers with usage greater than or equal to 1,000,000 therms annually). Don’t forget that Energo can also serve as your interruptible fuel supplier. Contact us today to get your interruptible paperwork completed and fill up your tanks for the season.  

Is Your Tank Full?

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to check your tank to make sure you have enough fuel oil for the season. Get your tank filled now before demand (and prices) increase and make sure you aren’t in need of an emergency delivery this winter. Part of being an IT customer is committing to having an alternative fuel source to use during the time interruption is called. Fill your tank now to diminish rush delivery fees once the weather turns cold.  

Install a Fuel Tank Monitor

Energo can install a fuel tank monitor on your liquid fuels tank, which allows you to see your tank inventory in real-time, right from your phone. You can also receive alerts when your tank reaches a certain level and even schedule a delivery with one click. Make sure your tank never runs empty, visit energo.com/mytankapp to learn more.  

Need a Delivery? We’re Just a Text Away!

Did you know that we’re only a text away? If you need a fuel delivery, you can text us at 888-719-FUEL (3835).   At Energo, we are your full-service energy provider. Contact us today for all your energy needs!