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The Benefits of Electric Vehicle Chargers

The number of electric vehicles (EV) on the road is growing and as states are passing new laws banning the sales of new gas-powered vehicles, the EV revolution may be closer than you may think. As the number of EVs increase, they’re going to need a place to charge. There are many benefits to installing […]

Are You Prepared for the Winter Heating Season?

At Energo, we want you to be prepared for the winter heating season before temperatures begin to drop. Preparing in advance can protect your budget and provide peace of mind. Here are a few helpful steps you can take this fall to ensure you’re prepared for the winter. Fixed and Market Based Pricing With the ongoing uncertainties of energy […]

East Coast Sees Record Low Inventories and Record High Prices

If you’ve driven by a gas station recently, you’ve definitely seen very high prices. The price for a gallon of regular gasoline is averaging $4.33 across the United States, but diesel is averaging over $1 more, at $5.62 per gallon, up nearly 60% since January. In fact, on the East Coast, it isn’t unusual to […]