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Energy-Efficiency is the Name of the Game



Since we started more than 25 years ago, Energo has always been committed to the goal of emission reductions. We help reduce our customers’ carbon emissions every day by delivering clean, renewable Bioheat® fuel and installing state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems. The new equipment made today is more energy-efficient than ever and can help save you money in addition to reducing your building’s carbon footprint.


Outdated and inefficient heating and cooling equipment can send your monthly energy bills spiraling, lead to more service visits, and worsen the comfort inside your building. Our team of energy experts at Energo will work with you to find the best options to help boost your energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.


Here are some overlooked aspects of your carbon emissions that you should know about:


Compliance is King

In addition to increasing your monthly energy bills, inefficient equipment can leave you with added fines. NYC Local Law 97, passed in April 2019, requires that buildings of more than 25,000 square feet meet new energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) limits by this year. The GHG limits will become stricter in the future with a goal of a 40% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030 and 80% by 2050! We can help you navigate all the NYC compliance codes to ensure your building is up to date and safe from NYC fines and violations.


Seal Your Building’s Envelope

When evaluating the energy efficiency of your building, be mindful that the outside is nearly as important as the inside. Your building envelope refers to the exterior physical components of your structure, including the walls, roof, windows, doors, and foundation. By thoroughly examining your building’s envelope, we can optimize a plan for your specific needs to improve energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, and promote sustainability.


We Can Account for the Carbon

The best way to understand the full picture of where your carbon weaknesses is by using our carbon accounting service. The expert energy team at Energo will calculate how many greenhouse gas emissions your building produces over a given period. After your building’s carbon is fully accounted for, we can help implement the best strategies to reduce your carbon and, therefore, GHG emissions.


Smart energy-efficient practices are good for the planet, and they’re good for your wallet! As an Energo customer, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to help your building become as energy-efficient as possible. Call us at 1-888-378-9898 for more information about our services, or if it is more convenient, click here to contact us!

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On May 1st, 2024, Energo Power and Gas, LLC (“Energo”) and Sprague Operating Resources, LLC (“Sprague”) finalized an asset purchase agreement whereby Energo’s natural gas operations will be transitioned over time to Sprague.

This transaction does not affect Energo’s heating oil and mechanical services divisions.

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