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Don’t Forget To Treat Your Tank



Did you know that your oil tank needs maintenance too? Energo offers a chemical treatment that can be done yearly and helps to eliminate sludge buildup.

All oil tanks will eventually build up a layer of sludge that consists of dirt, debris, water, rust flakes, and microorganisms. The sludge can then make its way into the fuel lines and then the burner, which can lead to an interruption of service, and costly service calls.


What To Do

The first rule of oil tank maintenance is to keep your oil tank as full as possible, especially in the off season when oil is not being used. Most empty tanks are full of air, and that can speed up inner tank wall decay and makes a great environment for microorganisms to grow.

The second rule for oil tank maintenance is to chemically treat your oil tank. Fuel conditioners can effectively treat and protect oil tanks while limiting sludge build-up.

In New York State, all heating oil is blended with biodiesel. While this lowers emissions and improves performance, bacteria can thrive in this environment. If bacterial growth is undetected and untreated, it can lead to costly service calls.


Why Treat Your Tank

Chemically treating your oil tank will make a significant difference in the overall performance of your heating system, and the maintenance of your oil tank. Energo offers fuel conditioners optimized for biodiesel blends capable of:

  • Limiting sludge build up on tank bottoms
  • Cleaning nozzles, filters, and strainers
  • Preventing pump varnishing and sticking
  • Reducing the pour-point of fuel
  • Dispersing water
  • Minimizing fuel oxidation
  • Providing stabilization for H/O & biodiesel blends
  • Deactivating yellow metals to prevent fuel degradation
  • Inhibiting rust formation
  • Protecting against corrosion of tanks and fuel systems
  • Reducing peroxide formation

Call Energo today at 888.378.9898 to schedule a tank treatment service before your next fill up! Upon your request, our driver will add the chemical before the next delivery, and then our office will call you one week after to schedule a technician to come to your property to replace all filters.

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