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Carbon Accounting 101

What is Carbon Accounting? Carbon accounting is the process of calculating how much greenhouse gas emissions a building, organization, or location produces during a given period. It is used to understand a building’s carbon footprint and where emissions are coming from. The data collected during carbon accounting is used to set sustainability and decarbonization goals […]

Help Your Business Reach Its Sustainability Goals

While many states are enforcing green initiatives to cut back on harmful greenhouse gas emissions, incorporating sustainability goals within your business can help enhance your corporate brand, improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and promote long-term growth. There are many different practices your business can implement to become more sustainable. But how do you go beyond […]

The Benefits of Electric Vehicle Chargers

The number of electric vehicles (EV) on the road is growing and as states are passing new laws banning the sales of new gas-powered vehicles, the EV revolution may be closer than you may think. As the number of EVs increase, they’re going to need a place to charge. There are many benefits to installing […]

Charging Along: EV Sales Are on The Rise

Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining in popularity. Recently, the United States reached a new milestone: 5% of all new car sales were vehicles that are powered by electricity only. Analysts at Bloomberg say this is a “tipping point” for EV cars in the United States. If that stat doesn’t stop and make you think, according […]