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Prepare Now, So You Don’t Get Left Out In The Cold This Winter

The Current Landscape Many businesses in the New York City metro area rely on two energy sources for their heat and hot water: Natural gas AND heating oil. Better known as “Dual Fuel Customers,” these commercial properties rely on natural gas for most of the year. However, when the temperature drops and an interruption is […]

High Heating Oil Prices Explained

There is a chill in the air, and while many are starting to think about heating their homes and properties this winter, some are feeling a bit apprehensive in light of the heating oil prices they’re seeing. Unfortunately, these prices and this volatility isn’t anything new. In fact, we’ve been monitoring the volatility we’ve experienced […]

Addressing the Volatile Energy Markets

  Petroleum Markets are Unprecedentedly Volatile Oil prices are undergoing unprecedented levels of volatility in light of the Russia – Ukraine war. Diesel, for example, rose 70 cents over the past week, with a 35-cent increase on Wednesday – marking Wednesday as the largest single day increase in diesel history (the previous record of 29 […]