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Local Law 97


In 2019, New York City enacted Local Law 97 to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The law requires buildings over 25,000 square feet to reduce carbon emissions by 40% by the year 2030 and 80% by 2050.

To ensure Local Law 97 Compliance, building owners and managers must submit annual emission reports beginning May 1, 2025 to prove their building’s 2024 emissions are below the limits. Buildings that fail to comply will be subject to massive fines.

Exceeding Emission Limits: $268 for each metric ton over the building’s established limit. For example, a 100,000 sq. ft. multifamily residential building emitting 800 metric tons of carbon would be 145 metric tons over its 2024-2029 targets and pay a fine of $38,860.

Failure to File a Report: $0.50 per building square foot, per month. For example, a 100,000 sq. ft. building would be $50,000 per month.

Providing False Statements: $500,000 fine


To determine if your building is on track to comply, it’s important to understand your building’s current energy usage and annual emissions. You can access this information by reviewing your Local Law 84 Benchmarking Report.

If your building meets the affordable housing criteria, you may choose to implement the 13 Prescriptive Energy Conservation Measures to reduce your building’s emissions and improve energy efficiency. If you follow this path, all applicable Energy Conservation Measures must be fully implemented by December 31, 2024. Following this path also means you could qualify for an exemption from LL97 if you demonstrate compliance with the applicable prescriptive measures.

Energo can help you identify and implement the 13 Prescriptive Energy Conservation Measures through our 13-Point Inspection. 

With Energo’s 13-Point Inspection, our qualified team of in-house mechanical engineers, fully trained technicians, and experienced energy experts will assess your building’s status against each of the 13 Prescriptive Energy Conservation Measures.  We’ll then provide a comprehensive report that details the status of each measure with corrective measures, along with a proposal for the work which needs to be completed.

If your building does not meet the affordable housing criteria, our 13-Point Inspection is a crucial step in identifying some of the most cost-effective measures to reduce your energy consumption and CO2 emissions – helping you avoid fines, increase energy efficiency, and save on energy costs.

Affordable Housing Criteria

  • Buildings with more than 35 of units subject to rent regulation (regardless of income restrictions)
  • Housing Development Fund Cooperatives (HDCFC co-ops)
  • Buildings with HUD project based assistance (e g Section 8 Section 202 Section 811 or CoC)
  • Buildings on NYCHA land that participate in the Permanent Affordability Commitment Together (PACT) or the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) programs

13 Prescriptive Energy Conservation Measures 

  1. Adjust temperature set points for heat and hot water to reflect appropriate space occupancy and facility requirements.
  2. Repair all heating system leaks.
  3. Maintain the building’s heating system. Make sure system components are clean and in good operating condition.
  4. Install individual temperature controls or insulate radiator enclosures with temperature controls on all radiators.
  5. Insulate all pipes for heating and/or hot water.
  6. Insulate the steam system condensate tank or water tank.
  7. Install indoor and outdoor heating system sensors and boiler controls to allow for proper set-points.
  8. Replace or repair all steam traps.
  9. Install or upgrade steam system master venting at the ends of mains, large horizontal pipes, and tops of risers, vertical pipes branching off a main.
  10. Upgrade lighting to comply with the standards for new systems set forth in Section 805 of the New York City Energy Conservation Code.
  11. Weatherize and air seal where appropriate, including windows and ductwork, with focus on whole-building insulation.
  12. Install timers on exhaust fans.
  13. Install radiant barriers behind all radiators.


Navigating Local Law 97 requires the management and coordination of an expert. Energo can help. As a full-service energy provider, Energo’s energy experts are adept at decreasing energy consumption, reducing energy costs, and integrating sustainable solutions to help ensure LL97 compliance.

Beginning January 1, 2024, every emission counts. Help ensure your building is on track to comply. Contact Energo to get started with our 13-Point Inspection today.

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