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According to a recent forecast by the investment bank UBS, by 2025, 20% of all new cars sold globally will be electric and will increase to 40% by 2030, and by 2040, virtually every new car sold globally will be electric. As electric vehicle (EV) market shares increase, EV charging stations are becoming a key investment for many industries, including multi-dwelling and commercial properties, colleges and universities, stadiums and arenas, as well as retail businesses. EV charging stations can help increase the value of your property, attract and retain more customers, employees and tenants, and can also serve as a source of revenue for your business.

And for companies looking to integrate sustainability into their business, EV charging stations help reduce greenhouse gas emissions – making it simple to “go green” while adding brand value.  The charging stations can also be powered by renewable green energy to take your sustainability goals a step further.

Getting Started

Installing an EV Charging Station on your property requires the management and coordination of an expert.  From determining the ideal location on your property and the required electrical needs to managing the installation and completion of the project.  Energo and our team of experts will help guide your business through the entire process.

Showcase your business’s modernization and get ahead of the curve. Contact us to get started.

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On May 1st, 2024, Energo Power and Gas, LLC (“Energo”) and Sprague Operating Resources, LLC (“Sprague”) finalized an asset purchase agreement whereby Energo’s natural gas operations will be transitioned over time to Sprague.

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