What Is a Capacity Tag?

One of the more significant cost components that comprise your total electricity price is known as a capacity charge, which is the rate a customer pays to ensure their maximum amount of electricity supply is available on the power grid at all times throughout the year. The total capacity charge is made up of both […]

Is Electricity Demand Response Right for Your Business?

Are you interested in creating a new revenue stream for your business? Did you know that you could earn revenue by reducing your electricity usage during peak demand times? Through a program called Demand Response, a utility company or Independent System Operator (ISO) offers incentives to large electricity users who reduce their electricity consumption during […]

Addressing the Volatile Energy Markets

  Petroleum Markets are Unprecedentedly Volatile Oil prices are undergoing unprecedented levels of volatility in light of the Russia – Ukraine war. Diesel, for example, rose 70 cents over the past week, with a 35-cent increase on Wednesday – marking Wednesday as the largest single day increase in diesel history (the previous record of 29 […]

What Are Capacity Charges?

There are many different components on your electricity bill that make up the overall expense. One component that is often included in your total supply price is a capacity charge. For many, capacity charges make up the second largest cost-per-kwh of your total electricity supply price. Capacity charges are the rates customers pay to ensure […]