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Tired Of Just Winging It

Jeremiah’s Tavern
Monroe County, NY
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A Rochester, NY landmark since 1978, Jeremiah’s Tavern® offers great food and friendly service in a warm, inviting environment. Whether you’re grabbing a cold one with colleagues after a hard day’s work or taking the family out for a special dinner, this well-known local food and beverage staple is guaranteed to ensure a memorable experience.


With four different locations in Monroe County, all with costly heating, cooling, refrigeration, and general utility demands, the owners of Jeremiah’s eventually grew tired of market fluctuations and their inability to properly budget for energy expenses. They turned to Energo for guidance and a long-term strategy that accounts for usage and allows for budgeting—a rare combination these days.


As is the case with all clients, Jeremiah’s personal Energo Advisor began with a thorough audit of their usage patterns and dollars spent monthly/yearly on gas and electricity. What started as a seasonal fixed price plan to cover the winter spike eventually evolved into a long term fixed plan meant to overcome market volatility and support financial forecasting based on historical models and consistent monitoring of usage at each of the four restaurant locations.


At Energo, we realize one size does not fit all. That would be like assuming everyone in a restaurant is ordering the same thing. We’re also not a drive-thru kind of company. Meaning, we prefer to stick around, for the long haul, ensuring our energy strategies align with client needs and goals, through constant monitoring and regular meetings. This allows businesses like Jeremiah’s to focus on its core business and increasing profits at the same time.

Jeremiah’s was able to lock in a longer-term fixed rate to combat the uncertainty of gas and electric markets due to seasonal volatility.

“We know food, not energy. Energo is a big part of the recipe for our success. They are a welcome cook in our kitchens, each and every day.” Kristy Swanson

The fixed option (versus their previous variable utility plan) dramatically reduced costs and gave them stability by forecasting energy expenses.