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We Stand Ready to Deliver

At Energo, our experienced team of in-house energy experts continue to monitor the extreme price volatility in the energy markets. As mentioned this past summer, there are a number of factors creating this uncertainty. We recognize the effect this uncertainty has on our customers and their businesses. Therefore, as you prepare for the upcoming heating season, it’s […]

Charging Along: EV Sales Are on The Rise

Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining in popularity. Recently, the United States reached a new milestone: 5% of all new car sales were vehicles that are powered by electricity only. Analysts at Bloomberg say this is a “tipping point” for EV cars in the United States. If that stat doesn’t stop and make you think, according […]

What Is a Capacity Tag?

One of the more significant cost components that comprise your total electricity price is known as a capacity charge, which is the rate a customer pays to ensure their maximum amount of electricity supply is available on the power grid at all times throughout the year. The total capacity charge is made up of both […]